Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ice Cream, I Scream

Hello bloggers! How are you? Good, good. Hot, isn't it? At least here in the South East it's hot. More like a low and slow boil.

But - I have the magic answer that has solved everything since we were kids... Ice cream.

And if that's not enough. Here's a stack of Oreo's, just in case...

I love to blog about my family. I'm called Momma by two - my redheaded SB whom I birthed in a not too traumatic experience, and my funny Mac whom my husband and I adopted in a very traumatic way. I'm currently pregnant with our third child, a still-unnamed boy, whom we will meet come September.

Mi familia: SB, Me, Marshall & Mac
Baby Boy at 27 weeks

I am so glad you stopped by! Please take a look at my favorite posts linked here.

And please, please read my God-given testimony here.

Otherwise look around, grab a scoop of your favorite flavor, and sit back! Thanks for visiting!


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