Friday, December 10, 2010

Top 10: Worst Christmas Gifts

We've all gotten them. Bad Christmas gifts. From your cousin Jackie, from your Aunt Sue. I think mother-in-laws are notorious for giving bad gifts (Thankfully my mom-in-law is a great gift giver, I promise! She's like my personal scrapbook supply store and I love it.).

So I thought I would compile a Top 10 list of worst presents.

  1. A Snuggie, especially one in camouflage. Unless you like camo, then the color choice would be cotton-candy pink.
  2. A treadmill/exercise machine. Even if you ask for it. Because nothing says, "I love you" like telling your loved one they're fat.
  3. Earrings shaped like French Fries. I had these. I loved them. Thankfully it was the 80s and I was a kid and nobody cared. But still a terrible gift.
  4. A blender or other appliance. If you need an appliance, go get it. It's not a gift. Men: this is grounds for immediate dismissal by your woman. This also applies to cleaning supplies.
  5. A Perfume SAMPLE. They are tiny. They are free. They are a terrible gift. Splurge the $45 and get your wife/girlfriend/mother a real bottle - even a tiny one.
  6. Fruitcake. Seriously, does anyone actually eat fruitcake? One time at church we did a "fruitcake toss" game and broke ceramic Santas. (Go figure, the game was the brainchild of the lady who convinced me not to do Santa.)
  7. Christmas ornaments. I love ornaments and I love getting ornaments from those I love. But giving me a Christmas ornament AT Christmas isn't always a great idea. You'll just pack it away until the next year.
  8. Candy dispensers that "poop" the candy. Just don't. It's gross. Nobody likes it except for 11-year-old boys.
  9. Any type of clothing that lights up. Not cool. Just not cool.
  10. Pre-Packaged Lotion sets. You know what I'm talking abuot. It's $5 at WalMart (or $3 at Dollar General) and has lotion, body wash and a loofah. It smells terrible. Unless this is from your 8 year old nephew, it's a bad, bad gift.
Now, we all know it's not the actual gift that matters. It's the love and thought behind it that matters. Hopefully most people know that. But it's still a funny list! Hopefully you don't get any of these yourself this year. And if you bought one of these for a loved one - take it back and try again!


sheridan said...

Well, looks like Terryl got your #1 bad gift - twice! LOL!

And I like getting small appliances. My 2nd best gift ever was a blender/food processer combo! (1st best gift was my Nikon)

PAI said...

Wow! Great topic. I have a cousin Jackie AND an Aunt Sue! :) And, one of them has given me fruitcake.

Michelle said...

Hey I want a food processor this year! LOL and I love fruitcake, homeade of course. i do usually give Zach a pooping candy dispenser in his stocking as a gag gift. Love the list. Iwas thinking about the fruitcake toss the other day! I won the 2nd year!


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