Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kids Say...

I just love my children. They say the cutest and strangest things sometimes. Here's a few new ones...

SB to Mac: "Mac, you're a dude and I'm a chick. You're a boy, so you're a dude. I'm a girl so I'm a chick. You got that?" Mac: "Okay..."
Mac: "I'm not Mac. I'm Rusty and I'm going for the gold!"
Mac while in a store: "Mommy! I followed those people. They're not my family. You're my family!" (aww, melt!)
SB, after a toot (she'll love this one!): "Sorry, Mom, I'm a little gassy." as she waves the air around her.
SB just this morning: "Momma, one day when I'm grown, I'm going to live with kids who don't have a mommy or a daddy." (Talk about melting there. I'm so proud!)

Every day they say things that are just priceless. I won't remember these quips next week, let alone to be blackmail for when they're sixteen and dating. Best to write them down. What funny things have your children said lately?

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