Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Having a God Moment

Yesterday I had a total God moment.

I had gone to the store with the kids and as we were leaving we passed a lady holding a "will work for food sign." SB asked what the sign said and I told her. She asked what that meant. I told her and explained that the woman needed help feeding her family. I was so convicted...Here I was, leaving the store so I started thinking of what I could give her - eggs? cheese? 
Then I recalled the walmart card I had - it has been a gift from the ladies in my Bible study class. I had about $50 left on it so I pulled over and handed it to her.
When I told her it had $50 on it she was shocked. She asked me to repeat myself and when she asked it sounded like she was deaf. She wrote out 5-0 with her hand and her voice was like a deaf person's.

I pulled away with the woman's jaw on the floor and I just burst into tears. The kids were so confused why it made me sad! I had to explain that I was so very happy and that it made God happy, which was why I was crying. Crying is one of my more unusual "gifts" of the Spirit!

Please believe me - I'm not tooting my own horn at all...but it was just such an experience from God. With the kids assistance, I felt the nudging to help. People talk about being Jesus with skin on, but ACTING that way is few and far between I think. What better way to show the love of Christ to this woman in need than by providing the way God instructs us?

And this was such a chance to teach the kids...we spent about $50 on the groceries, so I explained that with that card the woman could buy everything we had just gotten. She could feed her family for a week or better. I told them that God calls us to help those who need it.

I almost drove right past her. I almost missed the chance to show Jesus to another person. I almost missed the chance to show my children what Jesus would have done in that situation.

I wish I had a stack of $50 walmart cards to give out! Maybe one day...that would be awesome!
The point is not how much I gave her, or what I gave her...but that I was obedient to God. That is the point here.
God bless you in your mission today - be it far from home or in your own back yard!


~April~ said...

What an awesome story and an amazing lesson to teach your kids! :)

Mapipi said...

wow. I had tears in my eyes as i read your post. That is very true that we always seem to overlook what Jesus would have done.

Keirstin said...

This is an amazing story! I love God moments!!! I bet your kids will remember that moment forever. What trust in the Lord you have...

He is always faithful!!


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