Monday, February 21, 2011

Well, at least it's not Phobobia...

Which is the fear of being afraid, actually.

But I do have a few phobias. I think being scared of a few things is normal and healthy. Of course, I have phobias, so of course I would think they're normal and healthy.

So, in my effort to be more transparent (and hopefully kinda funny) today, here are my phobias.
  • Cratologycy. 
    • The fear of carrots. Okay. I'm not actually afraid of carrots. I would just rather jump off a roof than eat them.
  • Claustrophobia.
    • My form of claustrophobia is not typical, but as far as I can tell, there is no "fear of walking through small spaces." I'm not afraid of small spaces or room, just passing through them. I recall vividly being at camp and the group going on a cave exploring expedition. They explained there was a small crawl space that opened up into the cave. I panicked. I pretended I was sick and stayed at the campsite. A few years back, Marshall took me with him to play raquetball - until I saw that the door was about 1/3 the size of a normal door. It might as well have been a mouse hole. I didn't mind the room on the other side - had I been able to get there through another opening. I just can't do it. I've had nightmares about having to go through small spaces before.
  •  Apiphobia.
    • The fear of bees. This is very, very real for me. I am petrified - and allergic - to bees. If I see one in the same room as me, I'm known to break into a sweat, jump around trying to get away from said bee and demand that anyone near me kill the thing. I do not like bees. I do, however, love honey - which is their only saving grace from my thinking they were invented by satan. 
  • Globophobia.
    • The fear of balloons. I know, it sounds funny, and when you read my next fear you'll think I hate every child's party. But I do not like balloons. Mylar ones are okay, but the regular latex ones... no. Now, I did work for a year at a place where I blew up balloons almost daily and got over a big part of that fear, but I still don't like them and can't stand to touch them. And the second anyone under the age of 7 or between 14-21 gets ahold of a balloon, I will freak out because I think they will pop one purposefully.
  • Coulrophobia is my Number One fear.
    • This is the fear of clowns. Just typing out the C---n word freaks me out and makes me feel itchy and hot. I can feel my heart racing. I can't stand for anything resembling a c---n to be anywhere near me. One time, I was driving down the road and was talking on the phone. As I approached the car in the next lane I noticed it was a female variety know...and proceeded to scream into the phone, nearly wreck and seriously began to hyperventilate. I had to pull over. I will not enter a room with a clown in it. This has been a life-long fear - my mom tells stories about me as an infant screaming at the sight of those...things. Ugh. 
Okay, so...I did not share these for you to come up with ways to torture me. Please don't release bees or balloons into my house. You might end up with your ears boxed. And if a clown ever graces my doorstep, you better bet I will be calling the police and getting out the biggest weapon I can find. So don't try it. 

This is just another little tidbit about me I thought would be interesting to share. Now you know!

(and PS - I just googled "fear of bees" to try to find a picture I could use... yeah, almost vomited from the first picture. So, no pictures today!)

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~April~ said...

I have a cousin who's petrified of balloons too... The only thing I'm really scared of is spiders. I can see the smallest one and just completely freak out! :)


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