Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'll be the Judge of That

In case you missed it before on my blog, I'm a Christian. (If you missed it - there you go)
And I hope I have adequately conveyed here that I am not a perfect person. I make mistakes - big and small.
So there you have it - imperfect Christian.
Something else I try not to do - judge people based on outward appearance, life choices or anything else. But I know I do, at times, judge people because we're all imperfect humans and that's what we do. Don't deny it, you know you do too.

But I also like to think that I don't base my reactions to people on any prejudice I have on my part. If you live with your non-married partner, if you've had an abortion, if you have any number of non-ear parts pierced, if you home school - I don't care. It will not affect how I feel about YOU as a person or if I choose to add you into my inner circle of friends. I will love you regardless. (and for the record, I don't necessarily find any of those things listed as "bad" in any way, they just aren't my choice, as getting tattoos or vaccinating children might not be yours)
That is how Jesus instructed us to live.

So when someone openly and blatantly judges others I have a hard time with that. And when someone makes those judgements public in front of my children, you better bet I will make my opinion of your actions known. Yes, that means I will judge the judger and I don't want to do that! And if you can't amend your way in front of me and my children, they we may have to excuse ourselves from your presence.

So please, especially if you claim to be a Christian, please do not openly judge people and air your opinions. Especially in front of me and my children. And especially if you know you're passing judgement on me.

It is only up to my God to judge me - don't we have enough issues already without judging one another?


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