Thursday, January 5, 2012

Preparing for Disney

We are getting ready for our first ever trip to Disney coming up in a few weeks. I am so very excited for this trip, more for seeing the excitement in my kids than my own personal fun.

But I am a big planner. When we went to Scotland 3 years ago I took a folder almost 2 inches thick with maps, directions, a detailed itinerary and more. But that was with my mom and aunt - one who is also a big planner and another who goes along quite well with our plans.
This time I'm going with my hubby (who is spur of the moment) and 2 preschoolers. Not to mention the in-laws, who also don't plan things until they're actually on their way.
So I'm trying to plan without planning. It's so hard!

But I have been scouring Undercover Tourist for all the inside info. I've also checked out All Ears and Mouse Savers, but I've found that Undercover Tourist is the best for me in terms of planning, finding menus, maps and more. They even have apps for iPhones, Androids and more.

Right now I have planned what park will be on what day, according to Undercover Tourist's Crowd Calendar.
I also copied their schedule of what rides and portions of each part to visit first. They have a sequence follower to go by and I simply copied that into a Word document to follow.
They also have a menu planner with the restaurants in each section of each park, the menu and the prices. I chose a few spots in each park that have snacks, milkshakes or even a meal we might want. We plan to take food in for lunch, but we all know there might be a need for a special snack or something.

So that's my planning right now. It's kind of loose, so I hope it will be easy to follow but also flexible enough for all the members of our party (5 adults, 2 kids).

We're getting ready! Do you have any last minute advise for us?


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