Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Name Game

So, since I am now pregnant with child #3 (all is going well, thanks! 13 weeks today.), of course the topic of names has come up frequently already.

I am a huge name nerd. Just any old name will not do. Just any "pretty" name, or a name where we say, "Well, I just liked it." will not do for us.

When we named SB and Mac it was a labor of love.
SB was named for my grandmothers - both of them, which is why she has a double name. Her middle name is after one of my college roommates who passed away 7 years ago (2 years before she was born).
Mac is a Fourth. So he's named for his father, his grandfather and great-grandfather.

So when it comes to the idea of naming another child, the stakes are high. We pretty much will not consider anything that's NOT a family name. Plus it must have a good meaning. And we have to like it, and it has to "fit" with the other kids' names.

And the other factor? Marshall and I have to AGREE.

We pretty much agree on a girl's name. At least one part of it. I want the name to be a middle name, even though she'd be called by that name, because we have a LONG standing tradition (for 150+ years) of using a certain first name in my family. He doesn't seem to be too keen on the idea.

For a boy name, we both have our favorites that are not the other's favorite. There are some "runner up" names we both agree on, but they're not that one wonderful agreed-upon name.

Yes, I know we have time. And it's a good thing because it will take us another 27 weeks to agree on something we're willing to commit to paper!


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