Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sometimes I Feel Like I'm Cheating

On Adoption.

I really love blogging about adoption. And talking about it. And anything that has to do with adoption. I'm a huge adoption proponent and we do plan to adopt again one day.

So one of my first thoughts about finding myself pregnant is that I'm cheating on adoption.

I mean, I was the little kid who asked my parents why people kept having babies when there were so many who needed homes already. Why not just adopt them?
And I still feel that way.

I do understand the sentiment of, "It's a little piece of me that will keep on going after I'm gone," but I feel that way about my adoptive child just as I do my biological child. I see no difference just because my son's DNA is different.

However, when one goes through infertility and miscarriage, achieving a sustainable pregnancy is quite an accomplishment. It's very exciting and of course you would do nothing in the world to jeopardize it.

But I do sort of feel like the adoption community will think I've turned my back on them. I promise, I haven't. Adoption is still the most beautiful thing I can imagine. It builds families and I love that.

So don't think I'm going to stop talking about adoption just because I'm pregnant. It will never stop!


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