Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My First Job

It seems that recently the topic of jobs has come up. The kids ask me what my job is. I tell them they are my job. They seem to think that's silly.

So I told them about my first real job. I was a wench.

No, you didn't misread that. I was a wench. At the age of 15.

Yes, this is me at age 15. I was so cute.
Throughout high school I worked at a little place called Medieval Times. You know - knights jousting, horses whinnying, pretty girls with slits up to there in their skirts. I was one of the pretty girls.
I worked as a photo wench - taking and selling pictures of our guests with the royalty. Then I went to the less glamorous job of cash control (selling tickets).

But it was the best job. I had a plethora of cute teen and twenty-something guys flirting with me. I got to wear an awesome costume to work. I could even speak with a British accent (and people asked where I was from!). I actually had a few people ask me for autographs. And I got paid to do it.

I made some amazing friends, and had several experiences that affected my life - mostly positive, some negative.

Since that time I've been a restaurant hostess, a day-care provider, a reporter, a photographer, and now a mom. And while being a mom is the biggest trip ever - being a wench at Medieval Times runs a close second. I loved that job.


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