Sunday, June 6, 2010

Moms are Supposed to Look like Girls

Did you know that moms are supposed to look like girls? I know, it's a shocking revelation amid the spit-up, ketchup stains and 3-day-old ponytails, but it's true.

Recently in an online group I'm a part of the topic of femininity came up.
Most of us admitted to the mom look. If you don't know the mom look, let me describe it for you. Better yet, let's score the Mommy Look, add up your points...

Pony tail +1

Baseball cap over ponytail +2

No make-up +1

Make-up that includes eyeliner and/or mascara -1

College tshirt +1

Your husband's college tshirt +1

Said tshirt has stains on it +1

Mom jeans +1

Mom sweats +2

Jeans you paid more than $50 for -1

Now, your score:
If you hit all 10 points: You're worth more than this sweetie. I promise underneath it all, you are a woman. Beg your hubby for some money and hit the mall, sweetie. Please buy yourself a new outfit and get your hair done!

If you scored 7-9 points: Clean up and take some pride in yourself, chick! Dig up that adorable skirt you bought for "special occasions," put on some lipstick and take a LONG shower. You're worth it.

If yo
u scored 3-6 points: You're not doing too bad, but everyone deserves to look girlier now and again. Spruce it up and you're doing good.

If you scored 1-2 points: You're doing great, honey, but don't make the rest of us look bad.

If you scored 0 points (or less): Stop being so perky. Just stop.

I personally score between 5-7 points on any give day. I may get as low as 3 or 4 on Sundays. So I decided that I needed to be more feminine. I need do actually do something with my mess of hair and maybe even put on some eyeliner. The parade of Clemson shirts that I wear daily needed to be replaced with at least fitted plain shirts.

So with a little generosity from my mother and an afternoon of shopping I got some new clothes and sho
es to help me feel more like the woman I used to be BC (before children). Now, I want to note that I did NOT do this so my husband would find me more attractive or because he wanted me to. I did this for me. I used to be a girl - a lady! After having children, I was no longer a lady, but a mom.

All it takes is as little as 5 extra minutes in the day to go from 10 points to 5 (or better!): put on the nicer shirt, put a little eyeshadow and liner on and choose the funky shoes vs the flipflops (I know - my hardest one!).

So here's my effort: Allison before and after... I feel so much better about myself now - feminine, girly, even sexy - and I hope you do too!
(and if you can't tell, I have on 4 inch heels!)

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Anonymous said...

I can tell you, you can score a 0 and still be a frump! I do wear mascara daily, so that canceled out my pony tail. I wear baggy t-shirts, but they are not college shirts, so no point there. I don't wear jeans and usually not sweats, either -- usually leggings. The look is far from perky, though, I assure you!


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