Monday, June 7, 2010

Tattooed Moms have More Fun

It's true.

50 years ago it was Blondes who had more fun, but these days everyone is blonde... be they natural or artificial a la Marilyn.

But that was then (actually, the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes came out in 1953 - a full 57 years ago).

These days, tattooed girls have more fun.

Well, maybe not this tattooed girl... I'm sure this ancient art of tattoo was incredibly painful.

But this girl, I'm sure is not afraid to live life.

(photo found via cnancoo's photobucket page)

Tattooing is the new blonde. Where 50 - even 30 - years ago it was considered daring to go platinum, now it's daring to be tattooed.

Now, I understand that being tattooed is not for everyone. Some people find it morally questionable, religiously wrong or just plain ugly. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, so that's fine.

But I'll be the first to tell you I disagree. Most of my church's leadership is inked. Many people influence and affluence have tattoos, even if they are hidden under their suits and skirts. And personally, I think most tattoos are gorgeous because they are a self-expression of the wearer (and artist).

Personally, I have been inked 5 times, but only have 3 tattoos.
My first was heart-shaped a music note on my right hip. All during my education I was a musician playing in marching, symphonic and jazz bands - it symbolized my love of music. The heart was colored orange for Clemson, the flag blue for my (band) fraternity Kappa Kappa Psi. Where you would see the shine in a bubble was made into a cross for my faith. I was 20 years old when I got that.

A year later I had a dream that I had a fairy similar to Tinkerbell tattooed as well. So I went to another artist (who turned out to be not such a great artist) and had a fairy in a green dress - not Tinkerbell - tattooed above the music note. It was not lovely. It was Bart Simpson in a dress with wings. It was terrible. My boyfriend (now husband) hated it.

A year after that, I went elsewhere to get it fixed - Bart Simpson was transformed in to a blonde fairy with flowing hair and the shaky lines the previous tattooer had done were fixed. My husband still doesn not love the fairy (whom I had named Albany for some reason). And she's not my favorite thing in the world, but it was done when I was 21 years old (fixed at 22) and I don't regret doing something that expressed who I was at the time.

It took a long time to get under the needle a 4th time. This time at 26 years old, my cousin and I got matching 4-leaf clovers between our shoulder blades. The 4-leaf clover represents the Trinity - Father, Son & Holy Spirit, plus an extra for luck. I used to say I didn't believe in luck, but I think I do. God makes us all lucky at some time or another. But what the tattoo is isn't as important as who I was with and what it means. Having a matching tattoo with my cousin means the world to me!

Lastly (for now), I got a flurry of snowflakes on my left leg. One for each member of our family. My husband's is blue and orange, mine is pink and orange. SB's is pink and blue, Mac's is purple and blue. (The kids colors were chosen pink/blue for gender and the color of their birthstone. I stuck with gender for the hubs and I - both with orange for our love of Clemson.) I got this one this April at the age of 29.

And I can't wait to get more! I don't know if I'm having more fun, but I'm definitely expressing myself in what I consider to be the ultimate way. I hope I'm living life so that when I die, St Peter said he had to call me home because my body was worn out and well used!

Are you tattooed? Why or why not?

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Stefanie said...

I just got my first tattoo a week ago and I love it! I agree that it is a way to express yourself. Mine is two butterflies, one for each of my beautiful girls and the purple is my favorite color! I'm sure I will get more in time, but for now I am extremely happy with the one I have.


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