Monday, September 27, 2010


I'm a Southern girl. My father-in-law might argue with me about that since I was born in Maryland, but he was born in Indiana so I'd call that even.

In The South (yes, The South gets capitalized) we have saying that you won't often hear in other parts of the country or the world. I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorites with you.

Bless Her Heart
Bless Her Heart is heard in many church circles - especially Baptists. Annie's uncle died? Oh, bless her heart. Little Jimmy's dog ran away? Bless his heart... You mean Rachel is having another baby? Bless her heart! Joey won first prize? Bless his heart! See it works for good things and bad things! It's a catch all phrase.
The Urban Dictionary says this, "1: phrase used by Southern women to excuse themselves for speaking ill of someone else. 2: an expression of sympathy or pity. 3: a polite way to respond to an ignoramus, particularly male, who showers upon you flattering but unwanted compliments."

No, not your eyes. A buggy is a shopping cart. I have to admit, I hate this phrase, but since my daughter started saying it, so have I. In The South, a shopping cart is known as a buggy. I'm not entirely sure why, but that's what it us. Sweetie, please get me a buggy from over there, thanks!

A lollipop in The South is known as a sucker. I can only suppose it is because you suck on it, but in my house they are known as pop-pops. Used by small children and teachers across the Carolinas and Georgia. Mommy, Jill has a sucker! Can't I have a sucker?

Please don't spell this ya'll. Ya'll is not a word, nor is it a conjunction of two words. You + All = Y'All. In The South, this means "all of you." Said by anyone and everyone Virginia and below over to Arkansas. Did y'all want to go to the Clemson/Carolina game this year?

Okay, I think that's it for today. I'll do more of these in the future so that I can educate all you non Southerners!

FYI - if you are not sure exactly what states comprise The South, here you go...

Notice that Texas & Florida are not included. They are NOT Southern.


LorriTiger243 said...

Ooh ooh, I thought of one! "Busted" -- something that is broken or out of order. Busted leg, busted television...never heard that one until I moved to The South. :)

Also, LOVE that Florida is not considered The South, though recently I believe it has been moving that direction.

raising Rachel said...

You left out Darling or is it Darl'n? My Grandpa's wife is from Louisianna and always says Darl'n. My favorite when I moved to Florida ( okay, it isn't southern but I always thought it was) A friends Grandma always asked " how are your people?" I, as a 13 year old leaned in close one day and wispered in her ear " I am an American and white, I don't have any people." ( you know cuz she was old and couldn't hear or see ) Oh, how she laughed till she cried and then told me, she was talking about my family and she knew I was white. Ah, yes~ My people

sheridan said...

Being a Texan by birth & a Floridian by living most of my life there, I take exception to the fact that neither Texas nor Florida are considered part of The South.

However, I will concede that Texas is like a whole other country and Florida is being over run with Northerners.

I still like you, even though I am apparently not a "Southern girl." ;)

Julie (julied on PAI)

Allison said...

Julie - just as their are exceptions to every rule, I think we can make an exception for you, my dear!


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