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Heros: Take Nine

Today's hero is a long time friend of mine. I met Sindu Scheck the day I started first grade. I immediately knew she was different. Not only was her skin brown, but she walked with crutches - two things I was somewhat unfamiliar with as a 5-year-old. But we lived a mere 5 doors down from each other and became fast friends. In no time at all I didn't notice the color of her skin or her crutches - unless I was stealing them from her, which I did often. I was a mean child. 
Sindu and her family are the main reason I have wanted to adopt for as long as I have. Sindu was adopted as a child from India by a former priest and former nun who have been pastoring a Lutheran church since...well...forever. They are such an example of God's love and blessings. I am so blessed to have them in my life and anybody who encounters them would agree.

Here is a very brief interview with Sindu on her story.

  • How old were you when you were adopted? How long ago was that?
    •  I was 2 and a half, that was roughly 29 years ago.
  • Where were you adopted from?  
    • I was adopted from Mother Teresa’s Orphanage located in Calcutta India.
  • What do you know of your life before being adopted? 
    • I am actually very blessed to not know any of my life before I came. I believe that God knew I had other things to deal with in life such as major medical issues. So he blocked the memory of my life before I came to the USA.
  • Did you face any medical issues when you were adopted? 
    • Yes I had major medical issues. 
      • 1. I was very malnourished was almost 3 and I only weighed 13lbs. 
      • 2. I could not walk and I had polio. Polio is when your muscles do not develop. The polio only effected my left leg. I had major surgery. I had a surgery that stretched my leg 6 inches.
  • Do you feel you were treated differently in life because you were adopted? 
    • No I was not treated any differently. My parents  gave equal amounts of everything ;)
  • As a child did you feel very special or very not special because you were adopted? 
    • I felt very loved as a child and still today because  I was adopted. I felt blessed that my birth mother knew that she could not take care of me she did the best thing for me ..that was dropping me off at Mother Teresa’s orphanage. When I came to the states I also felt very special..because my mom and dad would tell my story to people and eventually when I grew up I told people of my adoption.  
  • How was it growing up as a brown face in a white family? 
    • Well my immediate family where fine with me being brown skinned. Some  relatives  including grandparents were not thrilled. But remember the nation was just getting out of that whole segregation era. The school scene was not exactly pleasant. I was called names and made fun of because of the color of my skin.
  • What do you think life would be like for you if you had not been adopted by your parents? 
    • If I had not been adopted I know for sure I would be in Heaven with Jesus right now. I would have not survived living on the streets. India to this day is very harsh as to the way they treat orphans, widows and people with handicaps.
  • Do you hope to adopt one day? 
    • I would love to adopt someday.
  • What is something you would tell prospective adoptive parents as they wait to bring their child home? 
    • What I would tell you and pray that God would send you the child that he has in mind for you. Pray for the birthmother of that she has to do the most difficult thing for her in her life, but the best thing for her child…is giving her child up for adoption. Have people pray for you and your family.
  • And feel free to add any other comments you would like to with that. 
    • Allison you are such an amazing woman of God . You have been blessed with the gift  Gods love. God’s love is always looking out for the poor and needy. I am so blessed to have you as one of my best friends in the world. I love you. 
I enclosed the picture of the whole Scheck family:

And one of Sindu, because she is absolutely one of the most gorgeous women I know:

Thank you, Sindu, for sharing a little of your story with us and for being such a wonderful friend and blessing!

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Beth said...

What a beautiful woman! Thank you for sharing her story.


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