Friday, October 15, 2010

Remembrance Day of another kind...

Today (Oct 15) is pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day. Light a candle at 7pm and join a wave of light around the world to remember those little ones gone too soon. In the words of Dr Seuss ... "A person's a person no matter how small". ♥ 
Too many children went home to be with the Lord before their parents were ready. I'm sure God had his reasons, and I know those children are rejoicing and dancing at the feet of our savior, but for the millions of parents, siblings and families left with hurting hearts and empty arms - the pain is unbearable.
So today I remember all those beautiful children who either never made it into their parents' waiting arms, or those who departed too soon. I'm especially thinking of Rachel, Joy, Malachi, Stephen, Isaac & Isaiah today - and many, many more who's parents are missing them.
Please join Parenting After Infertility & Loss Ministries in honoring these children and lifting their grieving Moms and Dads in prayer. Thank you!

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