Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Month Away!

I am so excited! Bloggy Boot Camp Atlanta is only one month away!

Social Marketing for Women

I have so much to do - make sure I have business cards, find a suitable wardrobe, get some notebooks to write notes down, charge up the laptop, find a suitable wardrobe, figure out who I *have* to meet, and - of course - find a suitable wardrobe. LOL. More on the wardrobe later!

Bloggy Boot Camp is a conference for women who blog where we can learn about growing our readership, looking more into the direction our blogs are going, and more.

Honestly I'm not sure exactly what to expect from it aside from two blissful nights away from anyone I know (I love my family, but who doesn't want an escape?) and a chance to network with some awesome women who's blogs I admire!

One Month! Woohoo!


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