Saturday, October 29, 2011

Teens Drivers Should Be Monitored

I know I will make some teenage drivers angry. This would have made me quite mad when I was a teenager.

But while driving this week - with all FOUR children in my car - I was nearly T-Boned on the driver's side by a teen driver. He was probably texting, I don't know, but he was NOT looking at where he was going. He ran a stop sign and nearly into me (with a giant curb and flower garden on the other side of me - he would have hit that had I not been there).
As soon as I saw him I swerved and turned my car about 90 degrees - he still came within about 12 inches of me. And I leaned into my horn - a lot. I am not afraid of my horn. I hit it a few extra times, too, since with 4 kids in the car I could not scream the obscenities that were going through my head at that moment.

I won't lie to you. It scared me. NotMine2 - who is only 14 months old - sits behind me. SB behind her. (Mac & NotMine1 are on the passenger side.) I could only think if he hits us, me or my children will get hurt. You do not want to experience that momma bear!

Listen, I know some teenagers are responsible drivers. I was one myself. I never caused an accident until I was 21 (and even then, I still argue that it was not my fault). I was very vigilant about seat-belts and avoiding distraction.
But not everyone is responsible - teen or adult.

I posed this issue on facebook and got these responses:
"I still can't believe they let me get my day license when I was 15. Lol. I think 18 is a good idea. But lack of experience will always be a problem, no matter what the age."
"I agree...teens today don't understand the importance of paying attention when they are driving a car. I think we should up the driving age to 18. or if a teen is driving a car, a camera has to be installed where the parents (who probably don't care anyway) can monitor their habits. If they are driving a car without a working camera when they get in an accident, or if they are at fault b/c of not paying attention, they get a huge fine."

So here is my idea...teens up to age 21 and elderly over age 65 should be subjected to random and secretive driving tests - like the camera suggested above. If they were tweeting/applying lipstick/turned around/asleep instead of paying attention - license lost or huge fine.
Responsible teen drivers shouldn't have a problem with this - those are the kids who deserve to drive. But the kids who go through three cars in the first 18 months of their driving life...well, listen. Personally, I value my life and the life of my children over your stupid self. I don't care if that is unChristianly of me - if you don't value your life that's your own problem. I value those who are riding with me.

I wonder if I can contact my congressmen/local politicians and ask for something like this? 


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