Friday, December 2, 2011

Felt Tshirt Appliques: Mickey Mouse & Reindeer

I'm pretty crafty by nature. I like to create things. So when I joined pinterest you know I was Ooh-ing and Aah-ing over all the DIY craft projects. It's like etsy without feeling like you have to buy something - you can just make it yourself.

So when I saw some adorable applique shirts I thought, "I can do that," and an idea was born. Off to Michael's Craft Store on Black Friday to get plain tshirts and a butt-load of felt. I'm assured by the good people of the internet that I could indeed do this with felt. Don't let me down, Almighty Internet.

I had two ideas in mind. Reindeer for Christmas and Mickey & Minnie for Disney World. I pulled up my Pinterest Pins and studied my ideas and set to work.

It was pretty simple, really, I just cut felt. I did 4 Mickeys - well, 2 Mickeys and 2 Minnies. I also felt ambitious and cut out names - SB, Mac, Mom & Dad. Then I couldn't believe I was making a shirt labeling myself as "Mom" and not "Allison."

Next I did my little reindeer - complete with pink heart bows for SB's reindeer. On a side note - do you now how hard it is to find matching/coordinating clothes for girl/boy sets? It's HARD. There's all kinds of things for girl/girl and even boy/boy, but girl/boy just doesn't happen (at least not for under $50). So I have to make it myself.

Then all that was left was to sew them to the shirts. I like leaving the edge exposed, the "unfinished" look is very in these days, so I'm told, and I like it, so there. That's what I did. A simple straight stitch finished the job and VIOLA!

Shirts for Christmas and Disney!


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