Monday, June 4, 2012

I have no Internet

We moved a few weeks back, as I mentioned and I've been very busy with unpacking and entertaining the kiddos. And being pregnant. And having a husband who is gone 14 hours a day shooting a movie.

And - I don't have internet at the new house. It's appalling, really. We had the nice people with the wondrous "fiber optic" internet set to come out but then they called and our connection to the main fiber line is severely damaged and requires "major repairs." So they said it will be another month before we have internet!


I tried for about 5 hours today (okay, maybe more like 1.5 hours) to get them to hook up a regular old DSL line, but I kept getting the run around. I am ANGRY!

But once I have internet again, I promise I will stop ignoring all my bloggy buddies!
Being internet-less stinks!


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