Saturday, October 23, 2010

My son likes tutus

And high heels. And glitter and sparkles and nail polish.

I think it's just a part of being a boy with a big sister.

Sarah Bradley puts on her tutu with rainbow colored high heels and all the princess garb she can muster and Mac must do the same. He wants to be like her. And who can blame him - she is pretty cute all dolled up. And there is a serious lack of boy dress-up clothes at our house.

Maybe after Halloween we can score him some knight or kung-fu costumes for next to nothing.

But more than once he's rocked the princess look and proclaimed sparkles are best. And once - yes once - I painted his toenails sparkly pink. Actually, SB painted them. I had nothing to do with it. I promise.

I know the phase will be short lived - he's starting to yell "Tractor Power" when SB yells "Princess Power." But still - he likes the tutus.

Who wouldn't?

(PS - I tried looking for a pic of him in a tutu, but I can't find one. Here he is looking uber-masculine in a fake tuxedo)

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