Sunday, September 30, 2012

Meet the Baby!

He's here!

Baby Jay was born on September 11th at almost 9am. Surgery went well, I feel great. Jay is perfect.

I had a lot of PPD (post-pardum depression) issues after SB was born, so I was prepared for it this time, but so far so good! I think already being on some anxiety meds was helpful for me! I was immediately in love with Jay. I mean immediate!

Marshall is in love with him, and the kids are super in love with him. He's very cuddly, loves to be curled up on your chest snoozing. Everyone is impressed with him. Of course, I'm biased!

Here are the pictures!

I'm ready to go to the OR!
Marshall looked great in his psuedo-scrubs
Yes, you are seeing this correctly. He was 11 pounds. 22 inches long. I birthed a 3 month old.
Our first family picture!
Baby Jay. He's wonderful!

*As with all the kids, Jay is a nickname from his real name. We did have a hard time picking a name, but I think we did good and we're honoring some very special people.

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