Monday, September 10, 2012

One More Day

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya, tomorrow! You're only a day away!

We're having a baby tomorrow. We thought it was going to be last Thursday, but we got bumped. But tomorrow is it. I can't believe it.

I'm not nervous about delivery. Actually, I'm having a c-section now, but I'm not nervous about that at all. I'm a little nervous about recovery. I'm mostly nervous about the kids being taken care of while I'm in the hospital.

My in-laws will be here and on small child duty. And I know the kid will be fine, but I'm a control freak and well, "freak" is an appropriate word because it's what I've been doing.

I'm just ready to get this done. I'm ready to meet this baby. I'm ready to see if he has red hair and if he's a calm baby (please!!). I'm ready to get on the road to recovery after surgery. I'm ready to work on "the new normal."

So tomorrow. We will update with the news sometime this week!

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